Сашенька: The Last Man in Europe (electrojunk) wrote in freebsd_users,
Сашенька: The Last Man in Europe

The Quest for the text editor

Hello List,

After to have used FreeBSD with satisfaction on several servers I've finally come round on to using FreeBSD on my laptop (after ditching OpenSolaris 10 and Fedora 10). My laptop is a fine machine and can handle most of the stuff I throw at it, so running GNOME and KDE isn't a problem judging by the available resources. But this time I wanted to cut down on bulky libraries and desktop environments and focus on speed and functionality.

As I developer I'm in need of a text editor editing files on remote machines. Under Windows WinSCP+NotePad++ is my number once choice. On the Mac its Cyberduck+Textmate and if I'm lazy I've got Linux loaded with Gnome with its VFS who can take care of this and then some flashy editor like gPHPedit. Since I'm trying to keep libraries like GNOME and KDE of my system I am missing a suitable set of applications under fluxbox.

The current setup is this:
Fluxbox: My default WindowManager
FuseFS: My remote connectivity on a system level

At this point the most important think I am missing is a texteditor like NotePad++, Kate or gphpedit which can have several files open, understands different languages and can highlight bits and pieces without requiring to much of GNOME or KDE libraries or services for its functionality. Do any of you have an suggestions?

Also I think I'm in need of a decent file manager for in the X environment. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance...
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