Average Joe (tmtl) wrote in freebsd_users,
Average Joe

Issues booting

I had a power failure, which obviously resulted in my machine powering off

When I switched it back on, the boot process halted at this point

The machine only has 1 harddisk in it, so the actual disk is readable for it to boot at all, I'd have thought?

I managed to boot into safe mode once, which resulted in a background FSCK running. I let that run through, and rebooted. Again, the boot process halted at the same stage

Now, if I try to boot into safe mode, it gets to the same stage. But, disk access is via PIO4 rather than UDMA100

Does anyone have any ideas what the crack is? Or in fact, how I can fix it :) I doubt it matters, but I'm running 7.0
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