Evil Bifrost (bifrosty2k) wrote in freebsd_users,
Evil Bifrost

FreeBSD Job in SFBA

I get stuff like this from time to time, Looks like it could be an interesting FreeBSD gig in the SFBA.
I know folks are having a bit of a crunch so I figured I'd post this here.

Anup Purushotham - ap@exantage.com
This is Anup, a technical recruiter for Exantage Inc.
Currently, I am working on a Unix Administrator position in Cupertino, CA.
This is a 6 months contract position.

Required Skills: - Freebsd

- Unix Administration on Linux and FreeBSD
- Knowledge of basics UNIX concepts, file systems, permissions, ACLs, kernel configuration.
-Knowledge of basic networking concepts and troubleshooting.
- Exposure to managing servers remotely using DRAC, ILOM, KVM, ALOM, HMC consoles.
- Extensive knowledge of standard UNIX services like SSH, FTP, NFS, NIS, LDAP, DNS, Sudo.
- Experience with troubleshooting problems with app tier, Apache, Tomcat, BIND, PostgreSQL, Postfix, Tomcat.
- User, Group and File System management skills.
- Performance monitoring and tuning of UNIX servers.
- Experience with few backup tools, ufsdump, tar, cpio, (Netbackup, TSM) a plus.
- Certification in one of the UNIX flavors is a plus
- Excellent communication skills, written and oral, are essential.
- Exposure to open source management tools like Nagios, RT, ORCA, MRTG, Cacti desired.
- Some scripting skills, Shell/Perl are desired.
- Basic knowledge of SAN/NAS and clustering concepts is desired.

If you are interested and available for this position, please call me on
212-537-0186, email me your updated resume, contact details, location and rates.

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